The jaret timebars package contains a viewer for a data model containing rows of intervals. The viewer displays the intervals in a Gantt chart fashion. The viewer is implemented for Swing and the SWT toolkit using a delegate for most of the work. Priority of the development is the SWT version! Swing mostly caught up with version 1.30.

If you want to know about new versions you can follow the timebars on twitter:

If you like you can comment and rate the timebars component at Eclipse Plugin Central.

Features include:

  • rendering is done by renderers allowing a complete customization (simple default renderes are supplied). Renderers may support printing.
  • follows the mvc pattern
  • available for SWT and Swing (lower priority)
  • additional components: marker (vertical), synchronizer for multiple viewers
  • flexible selection model
  • supports hierarchical view
  • supports relations between intervals
  • supports visual editing (dragging of intervals, resizing of intervals)
  • supports horizontal (classic gantt) and vertical orientation (i.e. for a calendar view)
  • region selection
  • variable time scale including "breaks" in the timeline
  • addon package supports using the timebars component in an Eclipse RCP (saving the viewstate) and adds synchronization support towards the jaret table allowing combined visualization of tabular and timed data

Dual licensing

The package is licensed under the GNU Public License (see LICENSE) allowing the usage in other free projects under the GPL. If you are interested in a commercial license for use in closed source projects check here or contact (please prepend the subject with "[jaret]").

Download / javadoc

There are several different packages available for download (please note that you will also need the jaretutil package): Recommended download: Contains the complete project for Swing and SWT, including example code. Depends on de.jaret.util (0.32)! Contains jar including Swing and SWT version. Depends on de.jaret.util (0.32)!
overview documentation (PDF) Overview documentation as a PDF (html: see HTML documentation)
timebars addon package Addon package

View the javadoc here: apidoc.

Screenshots and screen casts

There are some screenshots and screencasts available here. Remember that the rendering is done by renderers that can easily be customized.

Status and platforms

The TimeBarViewer is production quality - as long as the supported features serve the purposes of the application (In fact it is in production use since Q1/2005). With the 1.0 version the SWT version is stable. However: This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The Swing version of the TimeBarViewer should run on every platform supporting Java 1.5. The main testing of the SWT component was done on Win32. Tests have also been performed on Linux with the GTK+ version of SWT and on Mac OS X. Due to the nature of the SWT toolkit it can not be guaranteed that the component will work on all platforms.


This component can not be free of bugs. Please report bugs to (please prepend the subject with "[jaret]").